Sam T. Busalacchi  1919-2007

Sam T. Busalacchi


Tribute Story Package

There's nothing quite like hearing a loved one's voice again exactly as you remember it. That's why it's so important to record the stories and memories of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. These recorded conversations make for great CDs or DVDs and can easily be duplicated.

Others may prefer a written document, so we can also prepare a well-crafted booklet. This may be a love letter to the family that goes along with your will. It could be a video or audio message. Either way, your life lessons are a gift more valuable than financial assets.


The Tribute Story package includes:

  • One-hour introductory discussion

  • One-hour recording session

  • Audio/video editing

  • Two, one-hour reaction sessions


A cost-effective and wonderful way to capture the voice of a loved one's story is via audio interview on state-of-the-art digital recorders. The end product is a highly produced CD that can be replicated indefinitely.

The audio excerpt above one Steve did with his own father, which was played at his funeral. 





"When I lost my wife of 33 years, Steve assisted me in creating a final letter to my beautiful wife and the mother of my children. Steve was profoundly courteous, respectful and professional, showing the skills to work with me in a way that I found to be quite helpful. He helped me to be at ease and to open up in regards to my relationships and recalling critical facts. 

Steve designed a wonderful speech that was given at a dedication for my wife. Beautiful and well delivered were the words I heard over and over again at this dedication. The work that Busalacchi Communications did for my family was so creative that my family and friends described his story telling and writing as eloquent. I recommend Steve Busalacchi's services."

--Greg Foster